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    One Planet Cafe Ltd. was born out of Africa, and registered in Japan. Our vision is a world without poverty and environmental problems.

    We do business and build partnerships between businesses in developing and developed countries who share our value towards Sustainable Development.

    Our business areas include consulting, fair trade product development, sustainable housing, and study tours to Sweden, Zambia and India.

    Our mission is to prove that it is possible to live, enjoy and do exciting business within ecological limits -- within One Planet -- and still improve the quality of people's lives.

    The aim is to find positive solutions for Sustainable Development and connect these ideas into action to solve environmental and poverty problems - both in Africa and in Asia/Europe.

    One product that has received much attention here in Japan, is our Award-winning "One Planet Paper (R)" - a quality fair trade Banana Paper for printing firms and designers. Clients include companies doing business in natural cosmetics, eco cars, insurance, electronics, housing and Universities.

    We have currently offices in 3 countries: Japan (Tokyo), Zambia (South Luangwa), India (New Delhi).

    We are 23 team members (2014, June) and we want to emphasize diversity: our team members are from 3 different countries from 3 different continents (Zambia, Japan, Sweden) and we represent 3 different religions (Buddhism, Christianity, Islam). Depending on season/family situation, nearly 50% of our team members are women.


    Current business areas:

    - One Planet Café (Zambia)

    Basic training for adults in Africa, aiming at sustainable development.

    One Planet Café was established in Zambia, Africa, together with local men and women in the villages of the beautiful South Luangwa National Park.

    Today, we have a banana paper project (see below) and supports adult education providing basic training in mathematics/english/ health/reading/writing. We've had computer classes for local people in these villages too, where wild giraffes, elephants and Zebras never are far away!!

    - One Planet Paper (R)

    Together with our local Zambian team, we have started making banana paper for the Japanese market. The products name is One Planet Paper(R). We feel very excited about the possibilities, aiming towards a new treefree, fair trade, organic and Sustainable high quality paper.

    Starting in 2011, we now have a consortium for Banana Paper called "One Planet Cafe Ltd. Planet Paper Committee" with 13 member companies - Environmental company and companies from the Japanese Paper, Printing and Design industry. More than 10,000 private clients are now using our One Planet Paper(R) as business cards. Several Japanese TV and Radio programs as well as several magazines/newspapers - among them Japans biggest Finance Newspaper NIKKEI, Japans national TV broadcasting NHK and the Japan Foreign Ministry-sponsored program TV-Tokyo introducing our "fair trade banana paper."!

    - One Planet Study Tours (Sweden/Zambia/India)

    Holistic eco tours for citizens, businesses and governments. We organize eco & business study tours to Sweden (a country that has reduced its waste, CO2 emissions and use of energy, still its economy grow) and Zambia with its amazing biodiversity!

    - One Planet House (Japan)

    Consultants and members of a unique "Eco Cycle Housing Association" - a consortium made up of soon 15 housing and renovation companies aiming at creating sustainable apartments and houses.

    We have done a total environmental rennovation of our One Planet Office in central Tokyo introducing around 100 eco actions, and now work from an Eco Office!


    "It's time to invite the rest of the speices. And our human team is..."

    SATOKO EKBERG - CEO (woman/Japanese)
    Satoko has many years of experience in the CSR-field (Corporate Social Responsibility) working as director and consultant for one of Japans leading consulting firms in the field, E-Square Inc. Satoko has worked with many of the largest corporations in Japan - including major car companies, electronic companies and government (environmental ministry etc) - introducing CSR and environmental education strategies and developing internal e-learning materials. Satoko is a university guest lecturer at Tohoku University. She has co-authored two environmental books in Japan.

    PEO EKBERG - Director, Environmental Manager (man/Swedish)
    Peo has been an independent environmental consultant for 13 years in Japan and Sweden, and is a recognized environmental expert in Japan. Some of his clients has included small and large companies in elctronics, toy making, paper makers, banks and energy sector. Peo has been an environmental DJ/commentator for radio programs and co-host for environmental documentary series on Japans National Television NHK (2 seasons). He has been guest lecturer at several Universities in Japan, teaching environmental science and sustainability. *He has broken 3 worl records in soccer ball juggling, and participated pat one of the opening ceremonies of the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Japan-Korea.

    BILLY NKHOMA - Director (man/Zambia)
    Billy is the co-founder for One Planet Café Zambia together with Satoko Ekberg. Billy is a skilled ethical wildlife guide for Wildlife Camp in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia, having first hand expert knowledge towards Biodiversity. He helps safari tourists and wildlife experts getting to know the wonders of nature in South Luangwa. BBC and National Geographic are some of the organizations he has helped. Billy is CEO for NPO One Planet Cafe Zambia, and One Planet Cafès head manager for our Banana Paper business.

    Our base is in Tokyo where we have our office in an Eco Office.

    Email: info@oneplanetcafe.com

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